The Cellar Trust and Brathay Trust are working together to provide parents and carers a non-judgemental ear when they need it the most.

From 4 October, the PARENTS Online platform which provides real-time emotional support to parents over a digital chat function, will be available five nights a week Monday-Friday (6pm-9pm) across West Yorkshire.

"This could be a life-saved for any parent/carer who is feeling in crisis or just wants to offload about whatever is going on for them. We have a team of trained peer support workers ready to listen." 

David Grant-Roberts, Head of Service (Peer Support), The Cellar Trust

Here is some of the feedback received so far from users of this service:

"It’s good to know I’m not the only one and there is somewhere to come"

"I’m glad it’s not just me. You can easily feel so inferior like you’re not good enough as a woman or mum"

"Honestly thank you so much, this has already made me feel better just sharing this with someone"

"Just knowing this service is here is reassuring"

"This has made me feel that little bit less alone"