Will you become a West Yorkshire Suicide Prevention Champion?

We all have a part to play – join us in our mission.

Suicide is more common in West Yorkshire than in England as a whole – for men and women. Nationally, it is our biggest killer of men and women aged 20-34. Around three-quarters of suicides are men, with highest rates among those aged 45-64. 

But, by working together, we can change this. We believe that every suicide is preventableBecome a Suicide Prevention Champion logo.png.png and have a zero-suicide vision for West Yorkshire. 

We are urging any residents (aged 18+), or anyone working in West Yorkshire, to join our movement to make suicide prevention everyone’s business and sign up to become a West Yorkshire Suicide Prevention Champion.

By learning more about suicide, helping to challenge stigma and encouraging action, together we can bring the suicide rate down.

We need Suicide Prevention Champions in all communities across West Yorkshire. Anyone can become a Champion, but we also want to proactively include unpaid carers, neurodivergent people, LGBTQ+, those from ethnic minority communities, young and old people as well as those with a health condition and/or a physical or learning disability. To make sure we are achieving this, we will ask you to complete a monitoring survey once you have registered - please do fill this in if you can, thanks.