Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone aged 18 or over, who lives or works in West Yorkshire, can become a West Yorkshire Suicide Prevention Champion.



We are asking people to sign up individually and make personal pledges about how you will help prevent suicide at home, work or in your local community.  

You could suggest your team or workpace watch the Zero Suicide Alliance training together (if appropriate - please consider safeguarding) and then, if your colleagues feel inspired, encourage them to make their own pledge and become a Suicide Prevention Champion.

To become a Champion, you need to complete three steps:

  1. Watch the Zero Suicide Alliance '20 Minutes To Save A Life' suicide awareness course
  2. Think of a pledge - big or small. Eg reaching out to some friends; sharing the ZSA course with colleagues. More ideas are here.
  3. Complete the online form, to state your pledge and also telling us a bit more about yourself. 

That's it!

All we ask is that you make and stick to your suicide prevention pledge. Your pledge can be big or small, at home, online, at work or in the community - anywhere or anything you like.

Once you become a Suicide Prevention Champion, you will be able to download a Champions Information Pack. The pack provides loads more details on how you can challenge stigma, raise awareness and promote suicide prevention, so together we can help bring the suicide rates down. 

You will also be given options to receive our monthly newsletter, join our Suicide Prevention Advisory Network (SPAN) or consent for your details to be passed on to you local suicide prevention lead (who may share details of local work or projects you can get involved with). But these are all optional. 


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