Has someone you cared about ended their own life?

You are not alone.

There are local organisations to support you if you have been affected by suicide, no matter when it happened – days, weeks, years or decades ago, we are here for you.

We will support you whoever you have lost – this may be a parent, child, partner, sibling, relative, friend, work colleague or someone you have supported.

If you are a resident of West Yorkshire or Craven you can get support from the West Yorkshire Suicide Bereavement Service.

You can use the service if you believe someone you care about has ended their own life, even if this has not been officially recognised or you are waiting for an inquest. The service also supports people who feel affected by suicide but do not identify as bereaved, for example, if you witnessed a death.

Visit the website: https://www.leedsmind.org.uk/suicide-bereavement-services-west-yorkshire/  Phone: 0113 305 5800  Email: sbs@leedsmind.org.uk

In Wakefield, young people aged 16-25 can get support from Star Bereavement by calling 07708 471670.

Service user feedback:

“It gave me that outlet, I felt like I was allowed to be upset in that room. I was allowed to cry, or be angry, or whatever my emotions were at that stage. I was allowed to release that instead of trying to hold everything back in and be strong and support everyone else. I felt like that was time for me to be able to grieve.” Service user.

“I still think ‘oh gosh how did this all happen? How did it come to this?’ But I think it’s helped in that process of me not being in denial about it. I am accepting it more because I’m talking about it regularly. I think it’s just helping me to process it.” Service user.

“I think the Practitioner was very non-judgemental and that’s helped massively because I’ve felt comfortable to talk about absolutely anything which I’ve really struggled to talk about with other people in my life." Service user. 

Links to further resources and feedback:

Click here to view bereavement resources.

Click here to read the evaluation of West Yorkshire Suicide Bereavement Service.

Click here to view an infographic about the West Yorkshire Suicide Bereavement Service.

Links to national organisations supporting people bereaved by suicide:

National Suicide Prevention Alliance

SSAFA (the Armed Forces charity) supports military families affected by suicide.

Suicide&Co is a charity that supports those bereaved by suicide.

Support After Suicide Partnership brings together suicide bereavement organisations to provide support across the UK.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide offers peer-to-peer support to all those over the age of 18, impacted by suicide loss in the UK. 

The Coroners’ Courts Support Service is a registered charity whose volunteers give emotional & practical support to bereaved families & witnesses at an inquest.

Winston’s Wish is the UK’s childhood bereavement charity.

First Hand is for anyone affected by witnessing a suicide when they did not know the person who has died.