Who is GamCare?

Leeds community Gambling Service (GamCare) is working in partnership with the NHS Northern Gambling Service and NECA to provide integrated support services to anyone experiencing gambling harms across Leeds and the surrounding area.

Why is GamCare needed?

In 2014, Leeds City Council granted a large casino license to the Victoria Gate Casino. As part of that License, they had to fund a study at Leeds Becket University which explored the prevalence of problematic gambling within Leeds. The study found that Leeds is above the national average for problematic gambling, with between 10,000 and 30,000 people at risk within the city.

What does GamCare do?

GamCare provides free treatment to any who has suffered from gambling harms (whether it is the gambler themselves or an affected other). In addition, GamCare reaches out to the business sector, social care sector, and third sector services to offer free training around gambling harms, problem gambling, and treatment options.

Where are GamCare based?

GamCare is based in Leeds City Centre. They are also establishing a presence at community hubs in high-risk areas across Leeds, so everyone can access support if they need it.

Are you worried about a friend, loved one, or colleague?

If you are worried about some close to you, it’s very important to be honest with them about what you see happening in front of you. Speak to them in a non-judgemental way and try to be empathetic towards their situation. Offer personal support and offer to support them through a referral to Leeds Community Gambling Service. If you feel personally affected by the gambling of someone close to you, we can offer support to you as well, so please contact us for more advice.

Gambling Harms can affect anyone at any time, sometimes without realizing it. It’s so important that we reach people before early before they reach crisis point. COVID-19 and the lockdown have affected everybody, but with people being on furlough, not working, and not going into the community, there has been a rise in online gambling. So we expect the number of referrals to continue to rise.

We accept referrals from anyone, whether it is the individual self-referring or someone close to the individual or affected other.

Information and Numbers

Email –

Phone - 0113 388 6466

Access the GamCare referral form