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I'm founder director at Mums On A Mission.

I wanted to become a Suicide Prevention Champion because it is a subject that has affected by life from childhood until today. 

My mother took her own life when I was 13, less than 24 hours after her 33rd birthday. Three years after my mum passed, I realised that she could have been helped if she had the right support network around, if we had the awareness behind the outburst behaviours, the bipolar condition and the effect of trauma and stress. 

Overthe past 10 years I realised that as much as I am suicidal quite often, there's something greater that reminds me I have this story for a purpose - and that's not to repeat the story but to break the chain. With that, I'm started an organisation with my friend (Moms On A Mission) to support people in poverty who could be vulnerable to suicidal thoughts, mental illness, drug and alcohol misues, crime and homelessness. 

I believe supporting others helps me too.

Pledge: I pledge to support people with suicidal crisis or bereaved by suicide with open conversations. When I see it, I will say it and signpost to the right help needed. I pledge to share my life's experience to encourage people who are facing similar circumstances.