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I signed up to be a Suicide Prevention Champion because there’s always something to stay for, no matter how desperate things might seem at the time. I don’t want anyone to get to the same level of despair that I did and think that there isn’t another way out, because there is - I’m still here nearly two years on.

So, that’s why I decided to be one of the many everyday people who could do something to be a guiding light, for those that have lost theirs. I’ve been where it seems that all hope has gone and made it back with the help of others, so I know first-hand that one person can make a difference…they did to me.

Pledge: I pledge to promote awareness of suicide prevention

Rob has written a book about his mental health experiences: Life In The Valley: A story of life, death and the bits inbetween...: Cashback, Johnny: 9798395156815: Books