Malcolm's story: 

Picture shows smiling Malcolm in front of a graffit-d wall.jpg

I never properly processed or talked about losing my friend who took her own life in 2018. I didn't discuss it with friends or family at the time, and I still don't find it easy to address even now I've opened up to people about it. 

Most conversations I've had revolve around the facts and my friendship with her, rather than how it felt to know she had taken her own life, or the details surround her suicide. I still don't know all the facts and don't have the means to find any more out than the little I do know, which is something that plays on my mind greatly. 

Not long before she took her own life, she had called me when I was at work, out of the blue, and after a long period of time out of contact. She was clearly distressed and not making much sense but I didn't really know how to help her at the time. 

That was the last time I heard from her. 

Whilst I have never felt suicidal myself, I know a little of what it feels like to know someone who has taken their own life. I wanted to try honour her life by educating myself that I might be able to better help others in the future, and by sharing my story in case it might help someone else, even in just a small way.

Pledge: I will speak about my own experience of losing a friend through suicide, rather than keeping this to myself. I will also share the training I have done and discuss it with my friends, family and network.