Izzy Spilsbury's story: Headshot photo of Izzy Spilsbury.png

I work as a Severe Mental Illness (SMI) Health Engagement Officer. 

I am greatly passionate about mental health and supporting those who are struggling, whether it be from a long-term mental health condition or a brief experience of poor mental health perhaps due to external circumstances. 

Everyone has the right to access suitable and timely care and taking steps to provide this can have a significant impact on the likelihood of someone developing thoughts of suicide. 

By becoming a Suicide Prevention Champion, I believe I can continue to take these steps to provide appropriate care but can also further my own understanding and continue to learn how to have effective, supportive conversations. 

Pledge: My pledge is to continue talking about suicide, consequently tackling the stigma that surrounds it and opening up the conversation so that others feel more comfortable to talk about it also. 

To allow myself to do this, I intend to carry on learning about how best to have these conversations, and what steps I can take to improve my ability to support others when dicussing or facing thoughts surrounding suicide.

I also pledge to improve understanding around suicide within the workplace, striving to help others further their knowledge and put the message across that all of us can have a positive impact on reducing the number of deaths by suicide each year.